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2018 Health Trends

Here's what you will see in 2018

  1. All Things Gut  Health - you will see more probiotic and probiotics outside the refrigerator section.
  2. Tumeric drinks, pills and powder
  3. Wellness Retreats to Hot Mineral Springs
  4. Fermented Foods - Not just Kombucha
  5. Plant-Rich Diets - Move over Meatless Monday, we plan to  see more plant-rich recipes and menu items in 2018, especially at restaurants. Growing awareness about health and nutrition research with plant-rich diets and environmental impact find more people opting to eat plant-rich meals.  More meat eaters are making the switch to adding more plants into their diets.
  6. Check out these great healthy fast-casual dining options - The Little Greek Fresh Grill, Sweetgreenfreshii, to name a few
  7. Cannabis, CBD, Edibles gaining momentum on main street.  Be in the know about what makes them different.

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