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Healthy Minded Gift Guide

by Elaine Eason November 23, 2020 4 min read

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, employing  half of the total workforce in the US. To encourage you all to support those small businesses this holiday season (and the rest of the year, too!), we have joined forces to bring you the ultimate gift guide for the healthy and fitness minded.

The gift ideas are presented below in no particular order. Whether you're looking for something small or big, for friends, relatives, or co-workers, we've got you covered!


Minuit 60% Dark Chocolate Bar, $6.75

Haiti’s first and only premier chocolate company brings new artisanal flavors to your bean-to-bar experience. Vegan, rich, and deeply nuanced without any bitterness, Askanya chocolate exclusively features the prized Haitian cocoa to delight the senses. Produced in Haiti in a house that belonged to one of the owner’s grandparents, Askanya takes its name from the mythological Roman King, Ascanius. Dark chocolate is good for you!



Bhavana Bottle

17.9-ounce Namaste Bamboo Tumbler, $39.50

This sister-owned business has found a clever way to increase mindfulness about our everyday choices, meanwhile minimizing our plastic footprint. The Bhavana Namaste Tumbler is an all-natural, beautiful, and eco-friendly water bottle to keep you hydrated in style. 3% of the company’s sales are donated to ocean-cleaning and preservation efforts, along with helping millions of people to access clean water. Bhavana Bottle takes inspiration from Japanese researcher Dr. Masuru Emoto, whose discoveries relating to the ways in which consciousness, intention, and language affect water molecules have wowed the world.



Lanna Roller

The 4" Small, $119.00

This business's namesake pays homage to the culture of the "Lanna Kingdom". Lan-na is a reference to the friendly and polite people known for valuing Buddhist principals, family, social responsibility and strong ties to nature, and these values are embodied in every one of Lanna Roller's products. The 4" Small Roller is universally a great choice when you desire strong pressure to massage deeper into more stubborn muscles, such as the calves, feet, forearms and hip attachments. The 100% cotton covers were handwoven by the Naga hill tribes, a culture renown for producing traditional textiles with intricate designs holding deep cultural meaning.



Fit Snack

Monthly Fitness Snack Subscription, $25.90-28.90/mo

In 2014 while struggling to find the best snacks to fuel their lifestyles
and boost their health, sisters Rose Biel and Anita Muniz co-founded Fit
Snack. Fit Snack is a healthy snack subscription
box bringing you the best in snacking and wellness. A monthly subscription,
perfect for anyone looking for "wellness-in-a-box": 9+ premium healthy
snacks, workout challenges, yoga, meditation, recipes and mindfulness tips
each month. Monthly, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions, gift
subscriptions and remote employee programs are available.



Lola Snacks

REBECA Dark Chocolate Almond Probiotic Granola Bar, $6.99/4

This small business is "healthifying" the traditional pick-me-up with conscious nutrition and a mission. Lola Snacks donates 2 bars for every box sold and has been supporting organizations fighting hunger since 2011. These are more than just energy bars filled with more than just probiotics! The REBECA bar contains Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30, a probiotic ingredient that boosts immunity, maximizes protein absorption, and makes you feel ready to take on each and every day.




XL Exercise Mat & XL Skidless Yoga Towel Bundle $99.95

Pogamat started their business with a single goal in mind: To provide the best quality large exercise mats and large yoga mats available anywhere in the world and to provide exceptional customer service. We certainly think they've accomplished that! Their XL mats are extra thick, extra long, and extra-wide, and made of non-toxic synthetic materials so that you have the largest, safest space to dance, tumble, stretch, and do anything else your heart desires!



Tidal Living

Limited Edition Soaking Salts - 8oz, $18.00

This home and lifestyle brand knows that quality matters and ethically source every single ingredient they transform. Tidal Living reflects their brand's name in the Seaside Zen style of their products. Their Limited Edition Soaking Salts contain an aromatherapeutic blend of organic rose and lavender that are certain to calm the senses for a truly relaxing bathing experience to wind down after a long day or an involved exercise routine.



Uplift Active

Aerial Yoga Hammock Set - 5 Meter, $89.97

Uplift Active was founded by a search for the perfect at-home aerial hammock solution; they've created accessibility to aerial yoga equipment throughout the globe! Their gift of the aerial arts is not limited to just their physical products, their close-knit team will provide you with every tip, trick, and tutorial you need to start flying. In these trying times, Uplift Active also offers a virtual studio so that you can learn the art no matter where or when you are. The Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit is the ultimate yoga tool for strengthening, lengthening, and realigning your body and includes everything you need to transform your home into your personal aerial yoga studio!



Solely Fit

Nzinga Shine Bodysuit, $110.00

Solely Fit is designed exclusively for women with luxury and functionality in mind. This business takes pride in their American owned, created, produced and shipped products. Each piece is designed to make you feel confident and powerful, and every collection unifies bold and valiant women to life. The unique cuts in the Nzinga bodysuit puts couture in athleisure, and chic in comfort.


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