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Keep bananas longer with these tips

Start off by keeping bananas away from ethylene producing fruit like Apples and Avocados.  Its always a good idea to keep your bananas in a bunch where they tend to ripen slower and try wrap the tips in saran wrap or a green option like beeswax wrap. 

Also, take a close look at the bananas in your bunch. Are some of them bruised? Already browning? If so, move those bananas away from the rest of the bunch because one bruise can accelerate the aging process for others in the bunch. Hanging your bunch of banana on a banana holder helps circulate the air round the bananas.

So if your bananas do start to turn brown, peel, place in ziplock and throw in the freezer for use later with a smoothie, banana nice frozen dessert or my favorite chocolate chip banana bread.  (I will post some recipes later for those.)

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