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The best cafes

I love to drink hot tea, just plain black tea, no flavor, but on occasion I have been known to grab a cup of joe and when I do, I stop into one of my local shops here in town.  Have you noticed all the new options available? Like farm fresh salads, soups, artisanal bread, and pastries made from organic ingredients,  plus new technology has enhanced convenience with online ordering to skip the line and quick pay options with a flash of your phone. 

What's your favorite coffee shop or bakery and why?  Do you go there for the beverage or for the food?  Has your coffee shop or bakery recently updated their offering?

Health trends are continuing to push consumers toward better-for-you items at cafes, coffee shops and bakeries, and as such, more grab and go healthy snacks like LOLA BAR are available at check outs like never before. Technomic has reported 35% of consumers visit coffee cafes weekly, with 44 % are loyal to specific cafe because it serves their preferred coffee, while 25 % visit bakery-cafes at least once a week, and a whooping 54 % visit these locations for food or specific food products. 

So be on the look out for our new flavors Jackie and Valentina in a cafe near you.



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