Spring sports: how to fuel and hydrate your athlete.

Spring Sports have official begun and you will find me at a soccer or lacrosse field at least 6 days a week now....

Make sure your athlete starts with a good breakfast and hydrates with water through out the day.

It's important for student-athletes, or any athlete for that mater, to stay consistently fueled with complex carbohydrates and good protein like nuts and seeds that aren't processed or derived from something else.   Michelle Wie - golfing phenom shares 6 things that keep her fueled and focused at self.com.

It's also important to keep this in mind: Snacks are fuel, not treats, not rewards. They provide an energy source your athlete can draw on. Therefore, you want this to be “premium” fuel – not low-octane.

When you have an athlete who competes all day long in events like competitive swimming, tennis matches, soccer tournaments, etc., you have to be prepared. The last thing you want is for your athlete to eat candy out of the concession stand.  Keep you snack bag packed and handy for those moments.

Natural protein found in yoghurt, cheese sticks, nuts and seeds, and jerky are great, but muscles rely on carbohydrates for fuel.  Look for a variety of snacks like Lola Granola Bars, bananas, carrots, boiled eggs, string cheese, jerky, and trail mixes to keep your athlete's performance tip-top.  You can also check out runnersworld.com for other snack ideas.

To prevent cramping stay hydrated with water, and try to avoid sugary sports drinks.

If you are competing throughout the day and need to replace electrolytes, try all natural coconut water or make your own clean and simple electrolyte sports drink with this simple recipe:

Honey OrangeADE

1/2 cup Orange Juice

4 cups Water

2 tbsp Raw Local Honey

1/4 tsp Sea Salt


1/4 c Lime Juice

1/2 c Lemon Juice

4 cups Water

2 tbsp Pure Cane Sugar

1/4 tsp Sea Salt


*This recipe =  2 sports water bottles (use a 2-quart pitcher when making it)

*To dissolve the honey/sugar, I boil 1/2 cup water to dissolve sugar/honey, then add in 3 1/2 cups cold water.


To make a gallon:

1 1/4 cups Juice (orange, lemon-lime)

14 3/4 cups Water

6 tbsp Honey or Pure Cane Sugar

3/4 tsp Sea Salt



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