Don't let hunger turn you hangry

Don't let hunger turn you hangry!

If you don’t have time for a real meal, stash healthy, ready-to-eat options in your bag or desk, so you’ll have them at the ready. My go-to snack is a combo of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and mini protein snack bars

Don't go too long inbetween meals.  When you’re distracted, you may lose touch with your body’s signals and tune out hunger...and end up going more than 4 to 5 hours without food.   Your body needs a steady supply of fuel to perform both mentally and physically: When your blood sugar dips too low, the side effects generally include headache, anxiety, and agitation. Keep 80 calorie snacks near by to help you push through hunger  

Fiber is a good hanger prevention. So fill up on fiber to help regulate blood sugar and insulin response.  Watch out for fake fiber in nutrition bars, like inulin or chicory root. The Ellie Lola Granola Bar with 4.9g of natural fiber from whole grain oats and dates is a great choice to keep the hangry monster at bay.

Take away: keep healthy snacks close and eat every couple hours  



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