Make 2018 your best year ever

Time to dump the old and jump into new, NEW YEAR 2018.  Here are some simple ways to make 2018 your best year ever.

Healthy Snacks: ENZO Mini Bars (only 80 Calories), fresh fruit and veggies, popcorn (without the butter), handful of nuts and seeds, hummus and celery or carrots, salami and fig spread, goat cheese stuffed dates... mmm, I'm ready for a snack now.

Jump start weight loss with ZOVA Workout and Fitness (an APPLE design winner) from the apple iPhone app store. 15 minute workouts I can handle.

Meal Prep: Make a delicious meal every night of the week and take the guess work out what you need with  HELLO FRESH, PLATED, Marlyspoon has teamed up with Martha Stewart, or AMAZON for Meal Kit Delivery options.  

Of course you don't need fancy meal delivery services to cook and eat healthy, checkout these simple recipes with what you already have at home, Only have 3 ingredient? Try PALEOHACKS or CROCKPOT, most recipes are gluten free.

Organization: Last on my best year ever list, tools that HELP keep me stay organized and efficient: DROPBOX, GMAIL with IFTTT.  

Happy BEST YEAR EVER 2018,

Mary (LOLA's Mom)


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