Our Family

With 4 kids, I needed a versatile energy snack that was clean because of my children's allergies, a simple grab and go snack that also doubled as a good mid afternoon pick me up.  I turned to what I had on hand; oats, honey, dried fruit, nuts and seeds.  You can imagine my excitement when everyone liked how they tasted.

Lola Granola Bar is more than a granola bar; it's a way of life.  Our simple clean good ingredient philosophy is what sets us apart from other snack energy bar brands because we source clean simple gluten free, non gmo ingredients in their most natural form to help boost your energy and give you the building blocks necessary to build muscles and support your body’s immune system.


Lola's Mom and Founder

Mary- You guessed it, she's a soccer mom.   You can probably find Mary out at one of the parks in North Salem, lining a soccer field, tie-ing shoelaces, or pushing a kid on the swings. When she isn't outside, she's inside whipping up breakfast, lunch and dinner for her family and friends. She recently got back into skateboarding. Favorite saying: "you can call me anything you want, but don't call me late for dinner"



Ellie, the oldest of the Molina clan, loves to lend a helping hand at many of small sampling events Lola Granola Bar attends. Her mother says “she’s sweet as a date, to all her siblings, cousins and friends, that’s why Ellie’s flavor is date and Cashew.” Most of Ellie’s weekends are spent on the soccer field and hopes to play for TEAM USA.


Enzo, being the only boy of the four siblings, has be to a little daring and nutty at times to be heard amongst his sisters.   That’s why he is all nuts – a great blend of almonds and cashews. He is the next “Sherpa” in line behind his dad, always ready to help out and stock the car for sampling events and shows. Of course Enzo wants to be an alligator wrestler when he grows up.


The original! “Why is the brand named after Lola” you might ask. “Because it rhymes with granola and when times were really tough, Ernie needed something to make him smile. Lola is the second youngest of the Molina Crew. Now say Lola Granola Bar four times and I know you will smile too!” say Mary.   It brought some fun to a very difficult time in our life. Lola has soy allergies (amongst others), so she was the driving force behind all the bars being gluten, soy and dairy free. Lola has loved to sing from the time she was 2 years old, memorizing all the songs to Mama Mia. She hopes to be the next “Voice” Star.


The youngest of the Molina kids, Ruby is just cranberries because they are bright and colorful, just like her! Ruby loves to dress up and organize dance recitals for her family, as well out performs her siblings’ in roller derby challenges in the living room, now dubbed “the rink”. She’s quite the performer!


Nathan is the first nephew of Ernie and Mary and therefore won the prestigious fifth place in the line of Lola Granola Bars. Nathan loves Batman and Dinosaurs, and so we packed his bar with blueberries and almonds.   You can find him tagging along behind the other Molina kids on many of their make believe adventures at the beach and around town.  Nathan is now a big brother to his adorable sister Rebeca (spoiler alert... new flavor on the way).