OUR Story

Hi, I’m Mary Molina, founder of Lola Granola Bar. My family went through a tough time and we were on food assistance. With 4 kids and a husband to feed, I improvised, so I grabbed what I had on hand and made granola bars. My husband got a low paying job and I would pack a few bars into his lunch. I knew I was onto something when his co-workers wanted to buy them. I named the flavors of the bars bars after my 4 awesome children; Lola, Ruby, Ellie, Enzo and nephew Nathan.

Today, I over see production and formulations at our state of the art facility in upstate NY. I still hand select all NON GMO ingredients, as well as source local ingredients like California Almonds, Dakota Sunflower & Flax Seeds, Massachusetts Cranberries, and Northern Blueberries.

Lola Granola Bar is more than a granola bar; it's a way of life.  Our simple clean good ingredient philosophy is what sets us apart from other snack and energy bar brands because we source clean simple gluten free, non gmo ingredients in their most natural form to help boost your energy and give you the building blocks necessary to build muscles and support your body’s immune system.

Whether you’re a on-the-go, craving an after-school pick-me-up or preparing for a marathon, Lola Granola Bar will satisfy your snack needs with clean energy from simple ingredients that taste good.

Our commitment to community allows us to go a step beyond servicing your snack needs as evidenced by our support of local anti-hunger programs, charities, and our retailer’s community support efforts.