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1 Billion Probiotic CFUs per Bar


Your gut needs fuel to do it's job. That’s where Lola Snacks come in: whole grains, dried fruit, nuts and seeds plus probiotics and prebiotics. fortify a healthier gut, so you can feel your absolute best benefit when consumed. You can nourish your gut by regularly replenishing the type of probiotics that help you feel your best. Better gut health will help you feel better, and not just in terms of digestion. If your gut is not functioning optimally, your entire body can be affected, from your cardiovascular system to your immune system. 
Plant Based
Heart Healthy

Your gut needs fuel to do it's job. 

That’s where probiotics come in: Probiotics are good for everyone—adults, kids, babies. Adding probiotics to your diet is beneficial for an overall healthy lifestyle, starting with your gut first.
We need probiotics to break down nutrients, like copper and magnesium, so we can better absorb them. Your gut is the first place food is digested and broken down into useful proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and mind.

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