Gut Checked ✅ Pre + Probiotic Energy Bar



Hi, I'm Mary, just your average mom of five trying to feed my family good food, run a business, and keep up with the laundry. During a challenging time when my family was relying on food assistance and my husband was struggling with severe gut health issues, I found myself in a desperate situation. Witnessing my husband try numerous remedies, exploring everything from dietary adjustments to expensive probiotics, only to find no relief and a gradual withdrawal from the joys of life. So I collaborated with doctors and nutritionist to develop a bar that effectively nourishes and rebalances your gut microbiome, providing relief from GI symptoms and also providing sustainable energy.


Create snacks for a happier gut that celebrates every belly's journey. 


At the heart of our mission is a dedication to supporting local anti-hunger initiatives by providing our amazing bars to friends and neighbors in need, ensuring access to gut-supportive foods for every belly. As advocates for gut health, we've teamed up to support awesome organizations like the Crohn Colitis Foundation and IBD Horizons. Reaching beyond boundries and empowering inner-city youth in entrepreneurship and marketing to create a better and more sustainable future for the next generation.

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In alignment with our values, sustainability remains a cornerstone of our operations. We exclusively use 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials for our retail boxes and shippers. Continuously striving for improvement, we have pledged to reduce waste by 15% in both our shipping and production processes contributing to our efforts in minimizing environmental impact.

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Meet our Mascot

Poopy - the rainbow poop emoji 🌈💩 Smashing those awkward taboos around gut health. Because, let's face it, we all poop! Some of us just face more challenges than others. Poopy is here to remind us that it's okay to talk about these things. We are fostering a community that supports each other through every twist and turn of our digestive adventures. So, let's break the stigma, embrace our quirks, and snack our way to a happier gut!