Gut Checked ✅ Pre + Probiotic Energy Bar

NORTH SALEM, N.Y., September 2014

Sunny Anderson from Food Network visited Mother of 5, Mary Molina who started Lola Snacks in 2013 as a way to feed her family during a time when they were receiving food assistance. Mary’s active family needed a healthy snack to get them through a long day, but food allergies left her with few options. So, she did what she does best and grabbed what she had on hand and made delicious, on-the-go energy bars to take her family from school to practice, work to work out, and everything else in between.


In 2017 Mary's husband Ernie was dealing with some gut health issues stemming from dental surgery when she knew she needed to take action again to save her family.  "My husband couldn't leave our house because of gut health issues.  I had him try every kind of probiotic, kefir to kimchi and nothing helped relieve his gut issues. I went into research and development to create a proprietary blend of probiotics and prebiotics to ease the symptoms of issues like bloating to severe symptoms like diarrhea.

Lola Snacks are delicious probiotic + prebiotic plant based energy bars, including cranberry almond and dark chocolate cherry, that disrupt the energy bar category by elevating taste and nutrition standards by utilizing innovative ingredients like probiotics and prebiotics that rebalance and nourish your gut. Each bar has 1 billion CFU probiotics and don't need to be refrigerated like yogurt.

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