Gut Checked ✅ Pre + Probiotic Energy Bar


Create snacks for a happier gut that celebrates every belly's journey.

And here's why, when my husband Ernie faced gut health struggles and the doctors presented options like "PEP--," you know, the pink stuff three times a day, with the caveat that his tongue might turn black or steroids couldbbe an alternative, it didn't sound like viable choices to me; they sounded more like temporary fixes. Thus, I embarked on a quest, making numerous calls to probiotic companies and delving into stacks of research papers. Ernie essentially became my probiotic guinea pig. After much experimentation and consultations with doctors and researchers, I pinpointed the ideal strain for my bars, and much to Ernie's amazement, within an hour of consuming the first three bars, he experienced noticeable improvements.. no more running to the bathroom, no more excruciating cramps.  He finally felt comfortable enough to leave the house without a change of clothes.  I created Lola Snacks because I love your guts, a billion times loves your guts and that's the exact amount of probiotics it takes to start your journey to better gut health.