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At Lola, we have clearly laid out what "good" means. Our definition serves as the pillars for The Good Standard, which guides our company.  While clean label refers to a certain type of food, ingredient transparency is something that applies to all foods and beverages and being transparent means being open and honest about all the ingredients used in our products.

Transparency and clean labels go hand-in-hand, that's why we use four key pillars to ensure our products meet The Good Standard.

Safety-What do we know about the safety of the ingredient? Does it present a risk to the user, or to the environment, whether by itself or as used in a food product?

Sustainability-How is this ingredient grown, mined or made? Was it shipped around the world during its production? Are there sustainability concerns, e.g. plantation farming practices?

Ethical-Is this ingredient linked to unfair labor conditions or wages? Is there any insight into the supply chain to understand if animals are treated humanely?

Sourcing-Is the ingredient sourced from nature, is it synthetic or is it some combination (e.g. naturally-derived)? Is there more than one source for this ingredient, and if so, is one better for people or the environment?