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American heart month: Importance of Oats and Grains in an IBS diet

Fiber and IBS:

In case you didn’t know, Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that helps monitor the body’s use of sugars, which helps keep hunger and blood sugar levels in check. The amount of fiber you eat can play a role in managing IBS symptoms. Also, certain types of fiber can affect how well it helps your IBS symptoms.  Foods with high fiber contents can help ease the symptoms of IBS by expanding the intestines, helping prevent cramps and spasms associated with IBS.


How oats help IBS symptoms:

Oats are known to be rich in a certain type of fiber called Beta-glucan, which is known to help lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Oats are also known to be  Soluble Fiber, which is known to help lower glucose levels. Having oats in your diet is a great way to prevent IBS symptoms.


How to introduce oats in your diet:

Like introducing anything into a diet, begin adding oats in at a slow pace and at a small amount. If you do not experience any issues then gradually increase the amount consumed. One of the easiest ways to add oats into your diet is for breakfast, rather than some oatmeal with fruit or a snack bar with oats. Preparing Oats the night before can make it easier to eat in the morning, which can increase your likelihood of having them in your diet. Keep in mind that introducing too much at one time can set off IBS symptoms, so think of it as one meal or snack at a time.

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