Gut Checked ✅ Pre + Probiotic Energy Bar

Embarrassing gut health moments

Americans are seeking to incorporate comprehensive gut support into their routines in hope of improving gut health and make those embarrassing symptoms go away. Data reveals 89 percent of Americans report that digestive issues are keeping us from feeling our best, that’s why at Lola Snacks we have your health and the best results for your gut  in mind. We want you to have the most convenient healthy snacks, the most gut supportive snacks and the most innovative snacks that are made to nourish and heal your gut, keeping the embarrassing moments to a minimum.

We recently debut our rainbow poop emoji sticker to help overcome digestive health insecurities.

Rainbow poop emoji

60 to 70 million Americans suffer from some form of Gut health, from gas, bloating that makes you look pregnant, debilitating cramping and pain, frequent trips to the bathroom that can leave you exhausted mentally and physically, unpredictable bowel movements that can cause accidents and an inability to follow through on plans, but on top of all that, because of the nature of your issues, it can also cause stigma.   So we want to remove the barrier and bring the conversation about gut health to the forefront to let people know it’s okay to talk about gut health and it’s not as embarrassing  as you might think. Our custom stickers​ are making the conversation so much easier and obviously kids love the stickers because anything with poop is funny.  We find adults become more comfortable to open up about their gut health issues when they see our colorful happy poop emoji sticker at our live in-store demos and health and wellness events. The best part about our sticker is it’s water resistant, won’t fade and is perfect for water bottles.  I can’t tell you how many more people we now reaching out to start the conversation about gut health because of your custom die cut sticker.




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