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Healthy tips in traveling for Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times in the United States, with notorious delays in transportation and heavy traffic that travelers can face throughout their journey. 

Holiday travel can cause an increase in negative physical and mental health, as overexertion, stress, lack of sleep, and physical exhaustion can spark pre-existing conditions in IBS. 

What can make the journey easier is a bit of thoughtful planning ahead and practice in flexibility. Whether you are going home for the holidays or going on a drama-free adventure, take a look at our tips on having a healthy traveling experience:



Be flexible with your travel options: 

Planning when you want to travel depends on the mode of transportation, destination, and timing. If you are flying, make sure you know what possible other flights may be open in the event of a delay or cancellation. Traveling by train also has this factor; however, some companies like Amtrak are more likely to provide that information on their website or in person. If by car, it is important to consider what time of day you will be commuting. Typically early in the morning is best to get on the road without running into heavy traffic.

Get in movement/exercise whenever possible:

The irony of traveling is that one typically does not get much movement when they are “on the move”. Having a few minutes to move around/exercise will keep the blood moving throughout the body, keep the mind awake, and help prevent stiffness and soreness from sitting for long periods of time. Here are some travel workouts that anyone can do anywhere:

    • Bodyweight Squats: 20 sets (having arms out in front of the body and legs hip-length apart) 
    • Incline Push-Ups: 15 sets (feet planted well on the floor, hands on the edge of the table or rail)
    • one -arm luggage rows: 10 sets (on each arm, use your suitcase or backpack as a weight)

Have water and a healthy snack nearby:

Let's be honest, snacks at the airport, train station, or convenience store are not usually the healthiest. Remember that indulgent foods are important in holiday celebrations. While traveling you may experience sustained periods of stress on your body, which causes the stress hormones to crave sugar to refuel. This results in the body holding onto the stored fats rather than burning it for fuel. Prepare for these fuel moments by packing snacks with natural sugar sources as well as predominantly natural ingredients to replenish the body. Keeping up with water is also very important; having water with Electrolytes or ice chips nearby can keep the body working properly through long journeys.  


No matter what, we hope you have a safe holiday travel and a happy Thanksgiving! 

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