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IBS and Mental Health:

IBS and Mental Health: 

Because of IBS symptoms, your ability to live day to day activities may be affected. 

There has been research found that suggested psychological factors play a key role in IBS due to the link between the gut and the brain. Called the ‘gut-brain connection’, this can often cause or worsen symptoms that you experience like constipation and nausea. This does not mean that mental Illnesses can cause IBS, however psychological triggers can cause IBS symptoms to trigger. If you are experiencing poor mental health then the brain will reduce the amount of signals to the gut to digest. 

Such psychological triggers can come from stress or stressful situations, instead of trying to remove stress altogether, focus on managing stress in way like:

  1. Identifying your stressors: this is a focus on the IBS connected mental health triggers. An example of those facing anxiety, depression or low self-esteem due to IBS bloating. Your feelings are valid, however they do not help in your situation, they can even make it worse. 

  2. Be kind to yourself: Finding balance with your day to day responsibilities and time for yourself will help you through the mental slumps you may face. Being kind to yourself is important for your own sake.                                                                        
  3. Regular exercise: moving the body through physical activity not only helps the body but the mind. This can further help the ‘gut-brain connection’ by letting the mind focus on movement that will help it feel better, such as yoga, pilates, and walking .         

  4. Take time out for socializing and community: when it doubt seeks help out! Talking out your feelings is always a great idea. IBS is a full body disorder that should have proper attention. Talking to your doctor, a therapist, close friends/family, or support groups can help your mental health. 

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