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Lola Snacks: Tips for healthy holiday travel 2022

The holiday season is upon us, and with all the excitement and fun there is allow for travel. Either from the grocery store with food, the mall with gifts, or to the next holiday gathering. We wanted to share some reminders on how to have a healthy holiday travel experience! 

1. Manage stress;

stress can cause excessive flare-ups in IBS, so remember to take time for yourself. This can mean going for a walk, writing your thoughts down in a journal, or doing an activity that’s not associated with your holiday schedule such as yoga, hiking, or meditation. 

2. Beware of the holiday cheer:

hear us out! we know this sounds a bit Grinchy. Many places like hotels, restaurants, and stores offer complimentary food and drinks that may have unhealthy ingredients like High-fructose corn syrup. Having a sip and a bite is fine, but save space for the big meals with your loved ones.

3. Have a healthy breakfast:

Chances are once the celebrations are in full swing, you won’t be paying attention to what is in your meals. Do yourself a favor and have a healthy breakfast and snacks throughout the day. Healthy options which will keep your body Intune to enjoy the holidays.


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