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Make your New Year's brighter with the Lola Snacks Resolutions

New year, New me? Well new year same IBS. but that doesn’t mean you have to go into the new year with the same habits, Lola Snacks is here to help by sharing some of our IBS self-management resolutions!

Managing IBS effectively is focusing on self-care. The is not a ‘one size fits all’ treatment plan that works for everyone. What helps with IBS symptoms for one person may not work for another. So asking yourself some of these questions will help you on your journey of discovery:

  1. What else might it be?
  2. How can I adjust my diet?
  3. How can I manage my stress?
  4. How can I keep track of my symptoms? 
  5. Should I seek medical help? 

Resolution # 1: Identify your triggers

Step 1 is to discover what triggers your IBS, sadly this is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when food and mood can cause IBS symptoms. To help figure out your food and mood triggers, try recording your eating habits and feelings for a month. That way you can review and identify patterns in your IBS symptoms. 

Resolution # 2: Consider probiotics

Just a little refresher, Probiotics are live culture stains of bacteria that help the colon’s bacteria population when there is a disturbance like food poisoning, stress, or antibiotics. Studies have shown that some probiotics help reduce some IBS symptoms, especially those linked to bloating and diarrhea. 

Resolution # 3:Speak to a medical professional

Please consult a GP, Gastroenterologist, or dietitian if you are struggling with your IBS. 

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