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National Chocolate and Almonds day: 6 Health benefits for Chocolate and Almonds

Next time you reach for Chocolate or Almonds you may not have to double-think about how it will affect your gut. Despite chocolates' bad reputation of being soooo tempting, there are a number of health benefits that are connected to the treat. Today we are going to discuss them!

1.  Chocolate is a natural Prebiotic for the gut:

  • Chocolate, specifically Dark Chocolate is great for your microbiome as it is a natural Prebiotic which produces fiber. This is important for gut health as they pass through the body’s large intestine where the Probiotics will use it as fuel and support our health. 
  • Fiber that comes from Dark Chocolate can also turn into fatty acids that will help protect against harmful microbes and strengthen the gut barrier against any antigens and invaders into the body’s system.

2. Can protect your skin from harmful sun rays:

  • The Flavonoids found in Dark Chocolate can protect the skin from sun damage and improve blood flow to the skin. Consuming high-flavonoid dark chocolate or cocoa for up to 12 weeks can improve your skin’s protection from the sun. 
  • So over the summer months or going on vacation to a place with a lot of sunlight, think about having some dark chocolate in the weeks leading up to the trip. 

3. Vitamins and Minerals found in Almonds:

Almonds are a great source of vitamins and minerals that help the body and the gut. Such as 

  • Vitamin E: help eradicate free acting radicals in the body
  • Manganese: help metabolism, blood sugar regulation, and brain function 
  • Magnesium: helps reduce blood pressure  
  • Copper: helps the metabolism and the creation of red blood cells 
  • Calcium : help maintain strong bones, muscles, and nerves 
  • Phosphorus: helps with proper growth and cell repair


4. Almonds are rich in Fiber:

  • Fiber that is found in Almonds help maintain the regularity and digestion in the body, while also being a prebiotic (AKA food for gut bacteria) increasing the amount of almonds in our diet increases levels of fiber which will have a positive effect on our gut health.

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