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New year’s resolutions with Lola Snacks 2022

New year, new me? How about new year new control over your IBS! 

Let’s discuss some resolutions that you can take into the new year. 

Identify your triggers:

It may be easier said than done but identifying your triggers is a journey that is unique to each person. Certain foods or certain quantities may trigger symptoms, and knowing what may cause these symptoms will help you manage your triggers. Common foods that can cause flare-ups are processed foods, dairy products (especially cheese), coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol. 

Take time to relax:

Being stressed out or experiencing anxiety can trigger an IBS flare-up. In an ever-changing world it is not possible for our lives to be completely free of stress, anxiety, or worry. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ever have calm moments. Taking time to relax, through the practice of mindfulness, yoga, reading, listening to music, taking a walk or run, and or doing something that makes you happy. It is also helpful to keep a wellness diary so that you can track the times when you are stressed or anxious, and identify the things that keep you calm. 


Research nutritionist and dietitians:

This journey does not have to be alone, reaching out to a GP, Gastroenterologist or Dietitian who are frequently involved in this care can help you better understand your triggers and the steps needed to keep your gut happy. When meeting with a professional, remember to speak up for yourself on what feels most comfortable for you in the beginning. 


Start with some probiotic snacks: 

Probiotics are known to have a positive effect on a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. The healthcare community routinely uses it to reduce gastrointestinal disorders. Certain probiotics can help manage triggers of IBS and are known to help keep a healthy immune system. 


We hope this year has been filled with growth and understanding. Take into the new year what you have learned and what you want to improve on as this journey continues into the new year! 


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