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Spring cleaning your gut: How to reset your gut health this spring

The season of spring is such a wonderful time of year, more sunshine, warmer weather, and nature is in full bloom. Generally there is a mood shift in everyone in the spring as we get to spend more time in the daytime and outdoors. 

Common in this season is the famous spring cleaning, either done for the living space or for the mind, this time is a great start to cleansing the gut.

The digestive tract is an important line of defense against harmful bacteria and viruses from entering the body. Here are some ways to do some spring cleaning of the gut!


Maintaining a healthy amount of water intake is the foundation to a functioning body. But it is also known that increasing your daily amount of filtered water to 2 liters per day can help improve the gut’s motility to get rid of the body’s toxins. 

Reduce Toxins: 

Reducing the toxins consumed is done by increasing the amount of antioxidant foods into the diet, such as fruits and vegetables. When able, try to have organic proteins like meats and fish whenever possible.  


Finding time out of the day to relax may be hard but it's very helpful to ease tension and stress. Incorporating meditation, yoga, daily walks, and journaling into your daily routine can help relax the mind and the gut.

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