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The 20 Best Orchards for Apple Picking in 2021

Check out the 20 best orchards and farms to go apple picking in the U.S. (which we've categorized by region to make it easier to find one near you), and get ready for an epic excursion full of crisp apples, hot cider, and spiced doughnuts.

So, where to go for the best harvest, hayrides, and cider? There are so many fabulous small farms and orchards across the country that open their doors (gates?) to fruit-collecting visitors every fall. Yelp has pulled together a top-20 list of the best apple orchards in the U.S. for 2021, based on venues with an exceptionally high volume of stellar Yelp reviews- Thanks YELP

Apple Orchards in the Northeast

Apple Orchards in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast

Apple Orchards in the Midwest

Apple Orchards on the West Coast and Southwest

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