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What to do for Thanksgiving with IBS

Thanksgiving is different for everyone from the celebrations to the food, but it's also different for people with IBS since it can be caused by different things such as bacterial imbalances, food allergy, sensitivity to gluten, a poor diet, and even chronic stress. 

No matter what you should be able to enjoy the day without the worry of how your body will feel at the end. Here are a few things that can be implemented in your day to make it as enjoyable as possible. 


Start the day fully relaxed: 

 So… being completely relaxed is just not possible, especially for some people during Thanksgiving. For people with IBS you really really have to try your best to be relaxed, so getting a full night's sleep and practicing mindfulness throughout the day will let you have a good time. Hey, but maybe you may want to stay out the night before or have plans on Black Friday to get up early! That's okay, just remember to add in some exercise like yoga or time to rest to prevent having tummy problems all weekend. 


Keep calories out of Thanksgiving: 

“Saving room” for the big meal is not a healthy practice for anyone, Thanksgiving should be time to enjoy what you want with those around you. Yet for those with IBS, having too much to eat in one sitting may be more than what their digestive system can take. Make sure to start the day with breakfast and throughout the day eat small snacks to prep the body.  


Keep in mind your low FODMAP alternatives: 

Wait?! What is FODMAPS? Well its an acronym for a class of carbohydrates called Fermentable Short-Chain Carbohydrates, which are notoriously difficult to digest. If you are not familiar with the low FODMAP map to manage IBS, then take a look after the holiday. The good news is that Turkey is on the low FODMAP, so don’t be afraid to dig in!




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