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Saves me time in the morning, and its delicious


The Lola Cranberry Almond Probiotic Bar totally fixed my gut problems.  It took 3 days and 9 bars, but I'm back to feeling good.


I love dark chocolate and cherries.  Feels like I'm eating dessert, but it's not too sweet! Great for refueling after a workout


Finally a bar that doesn't make me sick after work outs.  Love the blueberry almond.


I’m GF and V and these guys are great on the fly. So hard to find something that doesn’t taste like sawdust so thank you! My fave so far is the chocolate peanut butter.


Ordering, shipping, receiving and getting my Lola bars in my belly went flawless. :0) I have been eating one a day since I got them. And my husband is now eating them (I either need to hide these bars from him or just order more). Thank you for giving me a few extra to try too. :0)


A Vegan granola bar with protein. This bar is an excellent snack. I train almost daily and this is my go to pre workout snack. I’ve tried several of the bars and they all taste great.

Samuel D

GREAT PRODUCT! This a great non GMO snack! I'm keeping several in my briefcase and workout bag. It fits perfectly into my lifestyle and it's VEGAN

John P.

REAL INGREDIENTS-All the ingredients are recognizable I will be buying more to support my athletic plant based life style.

Amanda D.


"I created Lola Snacks as a way to feed my family during a time when our family was receiving food assistance. with 4 kids and a very hungry husband, I had to improvised and so I grabbed what I had on hand and named the snack LOLA because my daughter could eat them too,"

We know there are endless bar options: consumers are demanding functional, healthy foods they understand without giving up convenience or taste, Lola Vegan Probiotic Bar is that bar, because we use simple ingredients, taste delicious and pack 1  billion probiotic CFUs to support immune + digestive health, enhance protein absorption and promotes a good gut."

- Mary

We create good snacks made with a handful of simple ingredients to help boost your energy, support immune + digestive health, enhance protein absorption and promote good gut health.