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DYNAMIC DUO: Probiotics Work Better with Prebiotics

Most of us don’t have perfect guts—everything from antibiotics to high-carbohydrate diets to being born via a C-section can compromise the balance of bacteria in our microbiome. Supplementing with a probiotic can help to restore imbalances, and it’s also just a great preventative health measure, helping to keep your microbiome in balance and your immune system healthy to ward off illnesses.  Lola Snacks replenishes lost probiotics.

Probiotics 🦠 are good for everyone—adults, kids, babies—and you can’t start too early. Adding probiotics to your diet is beneficial for an overall healthy lifestyle, starting with your gut first.  We need probiotics to break down nutrients, like copper and magnesium, so we can better absorb them.  Your gut is the first place food is digested and broken down into useful proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and mind, but who wants to take another pill or eat yogurt with a side of oats?  And if you are vegan, your options are significantly limited. 

Lola Snacks uses a vegan, non-gmo strain of Bacillus Coagulans called BC30 because it produces lactic acid and unlike Lactobacillus and many other probiotics.  BC30 only wakes up when it hits your gut to go to work facilitating digestion of nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin K, folate, and essential fatty acids. Up to 10% of your daily energy can come from the byproducts of the friendly probiotics in your gut.

Researchers and celebrity doctors are confirming the major connections our microbiome has to our overall health. Gwyneth Paltrow is proof that probiotics are more than a trend, but a lifestyle. Women’s health expert Dr. Amy Myers is a goop-trusted authority helping evaluate the increasing buzz around probiotics, and outlines the ins and outs of selecting probiotics. Probiotics turn on enzymes, turn off genes, and dictate much of our health. Interestingly, studies show that conditions like anxiety, depression, and weight gain can be benefit from adding probiotics to your diet.  About 60 to 80 percent of our immune system lives in our gut and an imbalance in the gut’s microbiome can lead to digestive issues to feelings of fatigue, depression, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmunity, and a host of skin issues. Conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and acne are really inflammatory conditions, and often a manifestation of something that is happening deeper within the body. When you fix the gut (which, depending on your health, might include getting rid of an infection like Candida, eating a clean diet, and taking a probiotic), skin issues often resolve as well.

Intaking probiotic every day is a good way to help prevent getting sick and having to go on antibiotics. If you do have to go on antibiotics, be sure to take the probiotics and antibiotics about two to three hours apart (so the antibiotics don’t just kill all the good bacteria in the probiotics).  Preventative measures like changing your diet is also huge in terms of preventing sickness. Studies show that you can change your microbiome within hours of adjusting your diet. If you’re not into sauerkraut, even just cutting back on sugar and eating more whole foods can make a difference.

Lola Snacks is more effective than most over the counter probiotics and yogurt/kefir because probiotics need prebiotics to be effective.  Lola Snacks combines probiotics with prebiotics, also known as fiber, to feed and nourish probiotics to multiply and flourish in your gut (basically probiotics eat prebiotics) and will significantly increase the overall effectiveness of the probiotic.  Prebiotics are non digestible fiber and complex carbohydrates from whole foods like: whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, dark leafy greens.